AmniTec B.V. (formerly Senior Flexonics B.V. founded in 1985) is part of a group of companies called United Flexible with an annual turnover of $70 Million USD and 5 operating facilities employing more than 330 people in 4 countries. AmniTec BV is specialized in the manufacturing of high-grade flexible connectors such as hose assemblies, bellows and expansion joints. These products are mainly manufactured from stainless steel, PTFE (Teflon ®), Rubber and other Fluoroplastics. The products absorb (thermal) expansion, vibrations and misalignment. Additionally they serve as temporarily connections, loading and unloading of fluids and gases and many other industrial applications.

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News - Type Approval Certificate

AmniTec BV received, on the 30th of October 2015, from Lloyd’s Register the Type Approval Certificate for Stainless Steel compensators of 1.4571 with welded ends or flanges on both ends.

These is for the Pump Connector type RFB & RWB and for the Axial Expansion Joint type RFA-R and RFA-S.